The Ara dress is back! Now with a new print.

The Ara dress is back! Now with a new print.

Who doesn't love an open back? Ara, since we designed it, it seemed very risky. When you are an entrepreneur you always have doubts, if it will be liked... You find a thousand reasons why people might not like it, and pre-judgments never help.
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The Ara dress was born from the first print created in Kaus, one of the first flowers painted by Ana with a youtube tutorial, “I just liked the magnolia flowers and wanted to paint it, then I decided to take a course to learn how to make prints and we used that flower as an example, for me it was a simple test”, but we liked the result so much that we decided to turn it into a dress, that's how Ara was born. That's how Ara was born.

A dress with puffed sleeves, an open back neckline, a lace-up that ties at the waist and lots of flounce. We produced the dress and loved it, but we doubted it would sell, it was made in Linen, but it looked like a wedding dress. Ana said, “In Spain nobody wears Linen dresses on a wedding” (Then she wore it on a wedding in Malaga). A friend of Ceren's said: “You have to sell the dress as a good idea to wear Linen on a wedding, make what you think is the disadvantage as an advantage”.

And more girls started to wear the Ara dress to weddings, we were so excited. Then Ale Segura wore the dress on her trip to Argentina. And it was sold out! We couldn't believe it, they started writing to us on instagram if we were going to restock it, because many girls wanted it. We thought about making a pre order and produce the fabric again. But at the end we decided to use the same pattern with a new print, blue background with yellow Aleli flowers. And so Aleli was born, with the intention that all the girls who wanted to have an Ara in their closet could have the same dress with a new print. As always we only produce a small quantity of fabric and they are limited edition. 

But if you have been looking forward to having an Ara, this is your chance! We have no doubt you will love it.